Kitchen Remodeling

Is is becoming  50% of our business, from the complete gut with new custom cabinets and top of the line appliances to changing out the old counter tops for new ones.  Every kitchen is as unique to us as our customers are.  We install your style with our craftsmanship, we never force any styles colors or materials on our clients, because we are not manufacturer representatives, we do not install just one line of cabinets or flooring or counter tops making you compromise on what you would like to have in your kitchen 

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom renovations has been about 30% of our business in the past but is becoming a larger part every month.  Everything from simple flooring updates to tub surrounds to the full down to the studs replacement.  Your bathroom is a place that not only need to meet the demands of everyday use but also be a place to get away and relax.  The true meaning of form and function.  Where a simple dim of the lights can change the whole feel of the room.  These renovations need as much thought and planning as a kitchen remodel or addition as we are typically dealing with a small space and coordination of colors, space and function are amplified.  I tend to not rush the selection process and double check with all samples in the space before we start to minimize any delays in construction.

Interior Renovations

The art of taking that unfunctional space and making it mulit-task.  These have been as simpple as cutting an opening in a wall to creat a visually larger room to finishing an unfinished basement.  If you have the vision we will make it reality and much cheaper than moving in most cases.

Exterior Renovations

Custom decks, patio's, porches. Lania's, .  Bringing the great indoors outside or keeping the outdoors outdoors.  A great way to expand your living space and keep your current location.  No one likes to move and leave the friends and neighbors just for a little more indoor space.  We take that outdoor space and make it more usable.  From simple decks to custom decks, to covered decks and outdoor kitchens, to enclosed 3 season rooms.   

Pool sheds and Pool Houses - Pool houses and Pool Sheds are a great way to keep the outside outside and free up that garage space.  Pool sheds are great way to hide the filter system and get the patio furniture out of the garage in the winter when you really need the space, not to mention storing the pool equipment.

The Kitchen

The Social Room of the House

Shouldn't the room you spend the most time in be the one you like to be in instead of have to be?  The Kitchen is where everyday starts and ends, where every party ends up and unfortuantly where most things get spilled.  It also is the room that gets the most return on investment in both home overall value and personal comfort.  Kitchen remodeling and renovation is one of our most requested services. We go over every detail with you from the design stage to the the material selection to the installation so we all understand exactly what you want and do everything we can to get it for you. We use the same team of craftsman for every job so our comunication between us and you is clear and through.  We would rather talk about the same ting three times than get it wrong once. With over 100 years of combined expertise we can make your Kitchen Remodeling project as effortless as possible from the start of design to the final clean up.

We have partnered with several different cabinet distributers and designers to provide you with the best possible Design, Highest Quality Cabinets, Counter Tops, and Plumbing Fixtures for every Kitchen.  We are not cabinet, counter top or plumbing distributers our factory installers so we will not "Sell" you a Kitchen.  We wil however design, select and install the Kitchen you choose.  I am sure you will be pleased with the results.

About Us

I am a "Hand's On" owner, I am envolved in every project we under take.  I am in contact with every client either in person or by phone every day during construction of your project to keep you informed the progress of you project and answer any questions you may

News and Events

Get your Renovation Plans started with our Free one hour initial consultation meeting.  We will come meet with you and discuss your project with you and advise you on any possible design issues you may have.  We are offering this until August 31, 2013.  After that the Charge will be $75 for the first hour and $50 hour or partial hour there after.