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K Weiss Construction Company is a premier Renovation and Remodeling Contractor that continuously strives on honest, reliable and professional services.  We set a higher standard when it comes to customer service and catering to each individuals' needs.

With over fifteen years of remodeling experience, we take pride in our reputation for quality Craftsmanship and customer care.  From complete home renovations, to updating a bathroom or a complete kitchen remodel, our licensed contractors and expert technicians are dedicated to working with you to implement a solution that meets your needs.  We are an owner-operated company that ensures excellence by completing comprehensive project coordination.

As your contractor, our work is not complete until you are 100% satisfied.  We provide experience and professionalism for a broad range of styles by utilizing our values of accuracy, attention to detail and efficiency.  At K Weiss Construction Company, our staff of professionals is honest and dependable.  We are licensed, insured, and have excellent references



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     12374 Country Glen Ln., St. Louis, MO  63141

The Kitchen

The Social Room of the House

Shouldn't the room you spend the most time in be the one you like to be in instead of have to be?  The Kitchen is where everyday starts and ends, where every party ends up and unfortuantly where most things get spilled.  It also is the room that gets the most return on investment in both home overall value and personal comfort.  Kitchen remodeling and renovation is one of our most requested services. We go over every detail with you from the design stage to the the material selection to the installation so we all understand exactly what you want and do everything we can to get it for you. We use the same team of craftsman for every job so our comunication between us and you is clear and through.  We would rather talk about the same ting three times than get it wrong once. With over 100 years of combined expertise we can make your Kitchen Remodeling project as effortless as possible from the start of design to the final clean up.

We have partnered with several different cabinet distributers and designers to provide you with the best possible Design, Highest Quality Cabinets, Counter Tops, and Plumbing Fixtures for every Kitchen.  We are not cabinet, counter top or plumbing distributers our factory installers so we will not "Sell" you a Kitchen.  We wil however design, select and install the Kitchen you choose.  I am sure you will be pleased with the results.

About Us

I am a "Hand's On" owner, I am envolved in every project we under take.  I am in contact with every client either in person or by phone every day during construction of your project to keep you informed the progress of you project and answer any questions you may

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Get your Renovation Plans started with our Free one hour initial consultation meeting.  We will come meet with you and discuss your project with you and advise you on any possible design issues you may have.  We are offering this until August 31, 2013.  After that the Charge will be $75 for the first hour and $50 hour or partial hour there after.